I am the very proud mum of Master 6 and Master 4. They are your average boys, rough and tumble, extraordinarily affectionate, thrivings like weeds in a garden. Like everyone, they have their own traits, quirks and needs.

Master 6 is a sensitive sort of boy, quick to please and always been able to follow rules or boundaries. And he is the one who has brought up the issue of body image in our house. Last year, when his kindy class was learning about their bodies and how they are different, he decided he was fat. He isn’t. He certainly is tall for his age and bigger than most of his mates, but his dad and I are as well. This year, with baby teeth falling out and adult growing in, it’s his smile he won’t allow – his teeth are ‘gappy’ and ‘ugly’, so he smiles with his mouth shut. He has shed tears about this. I have shed tears about his body image insecurities. we are a house without scales, without diets, without emotive labelling of food. I didn’t see this coming.

My gorgeous boy, so strong, vibrant and special won’t smile properly because of his teeth….Sigh.