I have been thinking for a while about writing.  I write all the time at work, but not creatively, not covering thoughts and ideas that are immediately relevant to me.

So, I have been idly thinking about ways to restart my relationship with writing. I love words, I love language and I love how ideas coalesce when you allow them to become tangible by writing them down. A  journal seems introspective to me, and I always tend to write in one with a feeling of someone looking over my shoulder…..Anne Frank springs to mind…. what if someone reads the diary after I die??

Writing for another blog or ‘post’ style website is a great idea, however, much as I love reading their work, and some friends have written for them, it’s not quite right for me yet.

So I am experimenting with a blog.
I am not sure what I am expecting out of this journey, but you are welcome to join me, walk beside me, cross pollinate me with your ideas, and stand witness to me blowing the dust off, and standing out of the shadow in the warm sunlight……
Hello, and welcome.