big breath in……. I like One Direction…..

I need to clarify, not in a I must dash out and buy concert tickets and fan gear kind of way. Hell, I don’t even know their names.
It’s more that their songs are catchy in a pop kind of way, their lyrics are inoffensive and actually quite positive, especially for Master 6, nearly 7. They are not trying to be rice bubble gangstas and I think they are actually nice to their mums.
In the mix of music that I hear the boys listen to, One Direction are a bit catchy and really inoffensive.
However, it must be noted, and will be pointed out by my close and personal friends that I have an, ahem, eclectic taste in music that incorporates the Foo Fighters, but also includes John Farnham.
What are your secret likes? Is their something you’re a bit shy of admitting?