It’s in the news and should be.
With a legislation being introduced into parliament this week to give child care facilities the right to refuse entry to non vaccinated children, the debate is raging and that is a good thing. As long as the debate is based on truths, not fear, not beliefs and not falsehoods.

The Anti Vaccine group, Australian Vaccination Network, is in court because of the complete untruths they propagate. There are other groups out there that follow the same theme.
I won’t even supply the links, because there is no educational value there.
Professionally, I am more than happy to discuss this topic in a reasonable manner, citing peer-reviewed studies, evidence based practices, with empirical evidence and proofs to back up the various positions.
And I am the first one to admit that there are some individuals out there who cannot and should not have vaccinations. But these are the people we are also trying to protect, by developing herd immunity.

So, about vaccines.
You can find a whole heap of easy information starting here

I have just moved from one of the areas in Australia with the lowest vaccination rate.
One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about vaccines, other than the one about mercury etc, is that, ” Well, these diseases are not such a big deal anyway.”
Have you ever seen a child or adult with measles? Not a dose of it, but actual measles. Actual polio. Actual chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps?

“Vaccines don’t even work.”
OK, well, can you explain to me then how small pox was completely wiped out, so that the only known locations of the virus is now under lock and key in a couple of research labs?

“Vaccines cause autism. There was even a study that proved it.”
That was Andrew Wakefield, who released a paper in 1998 claiming the MMR vaccine was linked with bowel disease and autism. He based this link on 12 children. He has been investigated by multiple tribunals and found to have many conflicts of interest, including a financial interest in a single vaccine that would have replaced the poly vaccine MMR.
More importantly, no other institution or individual has been able to replicate his results.

I guess I urge everyone to investigate any situation that concerns them and make any decision armed with the facts. Perhaps look for sources with credibility and integrity, rather than celebrity support.
I suggest that any time you “Google” anything, look for verifiable sources.
A great rule of thumb is to look for ‘.gov’ ‘.org’ and ‘.edu’ websites
websites that are .com can be set up by anyone.
Look for more than one verifiable source. And realise that there is almost never a great conspiracy out there.
The 2 great ironies that I note around this topic are:
1. Most of the people who conscientiously object to the Childhood Immunisation Schedule are vaccinated themselves and do not hesitate to seek a tetanus booster for themselves or their children….
The tetanus booster is a vaccine.
2. These same people do not object to antibiotics, anti viral, steroids and the like being administered to their children, or themselves.
The complications and side effects from these medications are just as likely, if not more likely than from a vaccination.
We all want to do the best for our health and particularly our childrens health. Nobody is denying that. The best requires that you arm yourself with facts, and leave the fiction for when you need a good book, a glass of wine and a block of chocolate.