Before you roll your eyes, this is not a ‘Miss Manners’ post – best not to get me started on my thoughts around manners and the like just yet!
This is about saying thank you, to your neighbour, to yourself, to the traffic lights, to your partner, to your kids, to your boss.

Saying thanks is a way of recognising a moment or a gesture. I saw a site by a lady called Leah, who writes a quick thank you note every day. These notes may never be delivered, and often appear very random.
The concept is inspiring. It ties in well to my thoughts on happiness and the art of being in the moment when you are happy with something. Being thankful is merely a small step from that and is lovely.
I have increased my ‘thank yous per day’ output when dealing with all human interactions and the yummy feeling I get to experience is wonderful.
The skill of being happy, of being thankful and of being kind (if in doubt, be kind) are easy little steps to ‘being.’
Today I am thankful that I have yummy coffee capsules to give me my coffee, and a nice warm parka to wear to work because it was CHILLY this morning.
I am also thankful that my wonderful hubby is such a good partner in life, so our kids can sleep in whilst I go to work in the dark. I know they will get to school after being rested and breakfasted.

And I am thankful that I have started this blog….and maybe only one person will read it, however I am thankful that I get to write it.
Thank you.