Once upon a time…..
there was a Princess named Gidget. She was only young, but had grown up in a lovely country with other princes and princesses just like her.
She moved to a country that needed a princess. The Queen had died earlier in the year, and the King was old and frail. The people of the kingdom were sad, stressed and needed a good, kind, loving leader after all the strife that the kingdom had been through lately.

The people’s ways were strange to Princess Gidget, but old King Mojo taught her what she needed to know. The most important thing about being a good ruler to the people was to know that there were differences between the small people and the tall people, but they ALL needed love.

King Mojo died one day and left his people to Princess Gidget. It was a big responsibility.

Gidget set about learning the ways of this kingdom. Some things she learnt by watching and some by trying out and seeing how the people reacted.

Chewing things to pieces was OK, but only if it was gifts received from the people to her.
The tall people became quite upset if she tried to honour them by chewing their things.

Wrestling, the native sport in her country was quickly adopted by the small people, but the tall people were not very good at it and avoided it.

Slowly, with much play acting, cuddles, and training from Princess Gidget, the smiles came back to the people’s faces. The tall people in particular took to smiling more and more when Princess Gidget would come to visit in their homes and were very affectionate.
The small people took to offering her a place to sleep at night and making sure she had enough snacks to show their love for Princess Gidget.

It’s a big job to be a new ruler in a country that were very used to the old King and Queen. Princess Gidget hopes to be doing it for quite a while.
All hail Princess Gidget!