I very recently entered the world of The Parent Coach for the first time.
Coaching Master now 7 and his basketball team.
They are…well, let us just say they are enthusiastic about playing, most of the time. And they occasionally listen, so I repeat myself constantly and loudly.
It’s a rare juggling act, between being a mum, coaching these boys including your son, and keeping the kids and parents on side whilst being firm and fair to develop the game.
I have always been aware of the parent coach/ parent manager. And always been grateful to them.
They are generously allowing these kids the opportunity to have a go. So, if you are a volunteer coach/ manager – thank you!

I must say that I am enjoying the opportunity. It is exhausting but the boys are fun, and they seem to be enjoying it. Master 7 especially, and that, after all, is why I am involved.
I am really enjoying playing ball with Master 7 in the front yard, practicing his shots and having something that he and I can do.
Daddy gets to do an awful lots of fun things with the boys, and although I am involved in these things, this is something that I am rather good at, so I get to take the front seat in this activity. It is great.