If I had to pick one character trait that I could give my sons, like installing an app, it would be resilience.

We all want our kids to grow up content, productive, loved. But resilience is almost like a super power. It will protect them when I can’t. Life will be sure to hand out rejection in all shapes and forms. There is no way to avoid that. The ability to get up, dust yourself off and have another go is the one I want my kids to have.
I think allowing our kids to fall, to fail is the start of developing that.
I do not mean setting them up to fail, but allowing them to have moments of failure that allow them to learn.
I don’t do their homework. If Master 7 fails to get his homework done, despite our time management assistance and support, well, he can explain it to the teacher. And as he gets older, more of the responsibility will fall on to him.

I don’t always save them from situations that will back fire on them.
They are allowed to fall, scrape their knee, miss out on things.
As long as life and limb is not threatened, they are allowed to bump and thump their way through their day.
And they miss out on things, and receive the consequences if it was their actions that caused it.
Allowing my children to fall and fail at the smaller things, although it may break my heart at the time, is a small way to learn a big lesson.