I have epic parenting fails. I have epic domestic fails. Wifely fails, friend fails, even nursing fails. Hell, I can have a fail at walking a dog. I have fails that I probably don’t even recall!
I’m confessing to it now.
It will probably be a mini series of confessions, because, lord knows, I’m far from perfect and there is a lot to cover!

Confession #1.
I’m no good at helping Master 7 with his homework.
Master 7 and I butt heads, over many things. yet it seems that all friction points come together over the fabulous task that is helping him learn to read, write, count and so on.
And I suck at the patience bit. I do.
This surprises me for many reasons;
1. I am very literate. Year 1 reading is no challenge to me, so it is not like the work is intimidating.

2. I can and do teach complex medical techniques and concepts to patients, nurses and doctors. I KNOW how to teach. I have qualifications in educating. Not primary school teaching, sure, but still! It has to count for something, right?

3. I love my son like a polar bear mamma loves her cubs. Seriously, I will tear you to mince meat with one of my paws if you harm him, or even look at him funny.

4. I was good at my own homework.

5. I mentored uni students through university. My god, writing four words with ‘sp’ in it should not be difficult!

Hubby, the one who doesn’t like reading and writes like a drunken duck with a spare pen is very good at helping Master 7 with his homework.
Thank god, so my son won’t fail Year 1 due to the failings of his mother!