Remember my post where I talk about my happy list? The When of Happiness.

Fun things like a freshly made coffee that someone else has made me.

Putting my ugg boots on after work.

The warm smell of my boys when they are sleeping.

This is along those lines, talking about the mistaken idea that we have to be HATT – happy all the time. We don’t and to think that we should is unrealistic and unhelpful.

Read it. Then really think about it and how it applies to you.

You see, happiness is like any other emotion – it comes and goes. What you should be striving for is contentment, becuase that means you are not living in the past or living for the future, but living, breathing and being in the NOW.

Why is the now important? Because you can be in it and own it. The past is gone, you have no control over it. The future has not even happened, you have no control over it, but you can OWN the now. The posture you stand and sit in, the smile on your face ( I highly recommend faking it with a smile and good posture until it becomes natural.). The smell of the freshly made coffee in your hand and the fact that you are HERE.