So, the old adage is never discuss sex,religion or politics if you want to avoid an argument.
Why? Because opposing views, passionately felt, will end up with the discourse being drowned by hostility. Harsh words will be said, friendships ruined.

Sage advice.

Except I think that there SHOULD be a conversation about these things whenever possible.
I think we should be discussing differing views on topical issues. I think we should be considering what is the reality for other people. These are important things, and important things should be talked about!
I think that it is ok for hubby and I to stand in different positions on political issues, and I think that we should demonstrate discussion and debate for our sons to learn that it is ok to disagree with a persons views, and still love them and respect them.
Often I find after discussing something with hubby that there are things that I have not considered yet (and vice versa) and that maybe we are not so far apart on some issues as we thought.
I think almost everything is up for discussion in our house – certainly as there is no intention of offense, so these conversations are respectful.
I have often said I love diversity and I love conversation, as that is the way you cross-pollinate with your ideas and share experiences.
That is how you learn.
With the 2012/2013 political year having been so volatile, and many emotive topics up for grabs, there is plenty to converse about. The problem is that many people don’t know how to respectfully converse or disagree.
And many people are not educated on how our political system works, why it is important to vote, and what each policy actually means beyond the sound bites and propaganda.
These are all important things, especially learning to disagree with someone and maintain respect.

After all, I like and love many people who have a diversity in their lifestyle, principles and values. And it’s that exchange of ideas that attracts me, that difference that allows evolution of ideas and beliefs.