scraps from a bemused mind.

So, I had a patient that I was treating her burn for and, as these things tend to do, we started talking about the Zombie Apocolypse.
You know, laughing at Preppers but highlighting our own highly barterable skills in the event that total anarchy occurs and society as we know it becomes completely dysfunctional. Highlighting friends that are significantly over prepped in our casual, “it won’t happen to me’ world. And wondering about those friends that will be the first eaten the first to succumb if the world slides down into chaos.

We all have a plan, don’t we? Even if we laugh about it?
I know we do. It is to pack as much as possible into our car and get as far away from other humans as possible, then get ourselves sorted.

The conversation then examined WHY are we prepared at all. Like, does anyone TRULY believe…

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