So, I had a patient that I was treating her burn for and, as these things tend to do, we started talking about the Zombie Apocolypse.
You know, laughing at Preppers but highlighting our own highly barterable skills in the event that total anarchy occurs and society as we know it becomes completely dysfunctional. Highlighting friends that are significantly over prepped in our casual, “it won’t happen to me’ world. And wondering about those friends that will be the first eaten the first to succumb if the world slides down into chaos.

We all have a plan, don’t we? Even if we laugh about it?
I know we do. It is to pack as much as possible into our car and get as far away from other humans as possible, then get ourselves sorted.

The conversation then examined WHY are we prepared at all. Like, does anyone TRULY believe that there will be a zombie apocolypse?
But if you scale it back a bit and take the Hollywood out of it…….
For our family, well we have lived in places where environmental factors can suddenly rear their ugly head and then it is cans of Spam and boiled bath water for us.
Places like Tropical North Queensland, where cyclones are a real threat. Everyone has a cyclone kit and a ‘go bag.’
Places like North Coast NSW – where it is floods that can suddenly isolate you.
Anywhere in Australia where bushfires are a threat. Every where we have lived bushfires have been a real and present threat. I have already lived through 2, and it is not something that I want to repeat.
Even a small rural town where riots suddenly occur and you are cut of and bunkered down.

Then the conversation turned to skills that would be useful in such events, like sewing, first aid, effective home remedies ( i just need some honey, cornflour and salty water!), vegetable gardens and food preparation. Not reheating stuff, or prepreopared food, but how to cook and preserve meat ( corned beef anyone?) and how this generation would go…..
Many do not know how to make food, how to fix a car/ engine, how to camp out even.

My boys are learning how to cook. Their dad has always been able to cook and has some remarkable domestic skills for a male, which I am alway thankful for.
I can sew. Not in any kind of skillful way. I can sew skin back together though, and I know how (badly) hand sew clothing.
I can knit, so can hubby. We can both camp, I mean truly rough it.
More importantly than this, there is no gender difference in who can lean what skills in our house.
I think that it was this that got me thinking. What skills do we have and how do we teach them to each other. And are we open to learning new ones?

20130915-212853.jpg I know I am, and I have become more open to learning new skills the older I get, as I fear failure less and less now!