So, if you have been reading my blog ( and why not, it is reasonably fun and informative, right?)
you will have realised that whilst there are things that I think I may be competent at, there are just as many that I throw up my hands and happily admit that I am not much chop at.

This brings me to make up.
I have never know how to put make up on.
I have read the articles, seen the ads, watched friends and my sister apply make up and frankly I have no idea.
I can draw, I can paint, I can sculpt, but apparently I cannot colour in my face.
In many ways, I have not minded – I am naturally fair, and a bit tom boyish and lazy as well.
I have always moisturised, been fairly good with sunscreen and know how to put lipstick on, and for the most part, that has done just fine.
I see these women in my life who amaze me with their make up application – some of them you can barely tell they are wearing it, and they wear it every day. OMG. Every day. WOW.

I am intimidated. I don’t quite know where to start and I think I will look like a special kind of freak at 35 years of age asking for help learning what to even buy, let alone trying to apply it.

I also can barely stand the thickness of sunscreen on my face, I worry how I will cope with make up. ERGH.

What is a girl to do? How does one start this sort of apprenticeship at this stage in her life? And should I even bother? When I examine why I want to do this now, a great deal of it is to do with age.
I am not ashamed of aging as such, I just want to look my best, even out some skin tone, and manage some of the things that prove I am a shift worker. On the odd occasion that I would like to wear make up, maybe to cover up that shift work dark circles, or whatever, I would like to know HOW to. Does that make sense?

So how do I do this? What are your suggestions?