Night 1 of two weeks without my two little Masters.
I have been preparing for them to be away with dread. I miss them. I missed them before they went.
But, for two weeks, Dear Hubby and I are two full time working married people with a dog.
Master 7 called, told me the flight was good, bumpy but good. I miss him already.

Night 3 and I haven’t spoken to my boys since Night 1. Last night I was at work and Dear Hubby spoke to them. Tonight they are not answering the phone, but they are at an outdoor movie night.
Maybe tomorrow. Dear Hubby and I are thinking of what meals we used to eat, but now we don’t because of the boys – really simple stuff like soups and the like….exciting stuff.

Night 5 was impromptu date night. Funnily enough, we wanted to go to the movies and yet, there was nothing appealing screening. We went to a restaurant that we have been eyeing off since we moved and had dinner. And a conversation. It was really great. Of course we talked about the boys, but other things got discussed as well. The best bit aout it was not needing to worry about how late it was before we ate, or when we finished.

Working tonight and in 9 days we get our little ones home. This weekend I have spent going through their rooms like a dose of salts – sorting through clothes, throwing out rubbish, airing the mattresses. Had a lovely sleep in, and will get one in the morning too. It is strangely odd not having to manage the impact on our schedule that they have, even just going to the gym, or preparing dinner. We did not eat till 7:30pm the other night and we felt almost rebellious!

Nearly 7 days till we get our boys back. The spring clean is almost complete and hand me downs are out the door, broken toys have been either fixed or tossed out. The missing the boys emotion is still there, and I wonder how much fun they are having now. When we speak to them, and it is not every day that we talk, they are having a ball – fishing, swimming, eating, playing.
They say that they miss us and I am sure that they do, but I am glad that they are enjoying themselves with their grandparents and are able to be away from us and still function.

We get the boys back in three days. We are going to Sydney for the weekend and the Nannies are driving them to us. I am really looking forward to it. The boys sound different on the phone and they’ve had haircuts. I’m looking forward to a cuddle. Their beds are made up and we’ve spring cleaned their rooms. I wonder how they feel about their first holiday without us?

So, we get our boys back in 24 hours. Two more sleeps. I’m pleased to say we have survived without them, been well behaved and well mannered. Quite frankly we’ve missed our kids company a great deal, and find ourselves seeing events through their eyes even without them being here to pass judgement, or share their sense of humour.
What has become quite obvious is that it is an honour and a privilege to miss my kids, and my home has always been where my heart is, and my heart is wherever the three men in my life are.
I must also say that the simple pleasure of being with Dear Hubby has been a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds that tie, enjoying each other’s company, with no pressure, easy times, just work and each other to schedule. That privilege, knowing it is temporary has crystallised our relationship, adding more strength and flexibility in it. The simple beauty of his company underlines why I love him and why we are still a formula that works.