I want to brag to you about domestically wonderful and creative I am.
I am forever whipping up home made goods, trying new recipes and shopping at fabric stores for the perfect addition to my mason jar craft work.
Pinteresting new ways to clean my walls, patterns for my sewing prowess and how to make fluffy ‘to die for’ scones – that’s me.

Except it isn’t. Not even close. In fact, most of my friends are choking to death right now, with laughter at my statements above. Because they are downright untruths.
At BBQs, when the ladies are in the kitchen, prepping food stuffs, I will offer to help. And be given a glass of wine and asked to “just sit down.”
When we entertain, it is hubby that preps the hors d’oeuvres, does the cooking and serving of the food, whilst I am sitting with the guests, drinking and chatting.
I can suture up a nasty gash from a power tool, but can’t put a button back on and will attempt to hem things with hospital tape.
I love a clean and tidy house, but have approximately 2 cleaning products. And hubby does the floors generally and the bathrooms.
I am a nut for a clean kitchen and whilst hubby loathes doing the washing, I can tolerate doing it mostly and I HATE dirty laundry hanging around.

While we are confessing, I also cannot style my hair past a bun and do not actually know how to put make up on.
Oh, I know that lipstick goes on lips and eyeline goes around your eyes. But actually owning make up and knowing whether it suits my skin, and how best to put it on, and how not to rub it when it is on my face – I have got NO IDEA.
And for hair? Ha!
I have thick long naturally softly curling hair……. and I know how to put it into a pony tail and how to put it into a bun.
Last year I learnt how to scrunch it whilst drying it with a hair dryer.
That was my big achievement. Aren’t you impressed? Scrunched hair. I’m impressed.

Oh, I am artistic and creative, and certainly most people would describe me as capable. Indeed, put me in my element and watch me shine. But my strengths definitely lay in other areas.
I have serious envy for those people who can whip up a 7 course extravaganza from scratch, in their good clothes.
Or those who who can whip a hair straightener out, put lippie on and wear heels without looking like a 5 year old dressing up in her mummys clothes.

And I am certain that those same people have areas in which they don’t excel, but that is cold comfort to me! Of course, I want it all.

Why can’t I be well educated AND know how to make jam?