One of my friends came to visit and whilst she was here, I wore dresses, wore make up, drank wine,
With another friend, I wear jeans, drink bourbon or beer and laugh at our children covered in mud.
When I visit another girlfriend we have tea. In tea sets, with tea pots, and baked goods on porcelain.
With our neighbours, two fellas, we have Thai marinated chicken skewers, drink whatever and talk about everything from our dogs to world politics.
Another girlfriend and I talk about healthy living, growing our own food, paleo diets and running.
With one couple I sit around, and we swear, tell dirty funny stories and talk cars and places we’ve lived.

I could keep going, but my point I think, has been made.
All this diversity, and I am friends with all of them. I earn more than some, less than others, I swear more than some and less than others, I am more educated than some, and less than others……my kids are older and younger, or existent when they have none.
I have a husband, when others are single, homeosexual, widowed. My politics is differently aligned to MY husbands politics, let alone to the friends in my life.

I am thankful to the very, very different people in my life. Truly. It makes me think outside my own squares, look at things from differing standpoints. It fosters my empathy gland, stretches my boundaries and thresholds and exercises my continuous interest in the world around me.
I love language, I love words, I love stories, I love learning new stuff. And I LOVE having people in my life who do things differently, who ARE different to me. It stops me from being a boring, close minded person.

So, to the people in my life who are different, and who love me despite my differences, – thank you. Keep up the good work of being my friend 😉