Well, not quite.
However, I know I have written about my legendary inability to domestic things and I admit a lot of its true. I’m in awe of many of my friends and their superhuman lability to whizz around the kitchen or house gracefully like a Disney Princess, charming small animals and creating domestic bliss.
I bow to you all.

But there are some glimmers if things that I CAN do, and I will start a series on them, as a way of giving hope to the other people out there like me. Maybe we need a support group, and this is my way of reaching out.

This is the first in this series.

Rocky Road.

The key to this is the ingredients. The magic of this is that you can tailor it to individual taste.
This is the simplest version, and you can add variations as your little heart desires.
Go to your grocery store. You will need to find the cake ingredient aisle, the confectionary aisle and maybe the cooking utensils aisle.
At the cake ingredient aisle, get:
1. Chocolate for melting. Buy the best quality brand that you like or can afford. Get as much as you like or need. My theory is always err on more rather than less.
2. Fine desiccated coconut. Yep, whatever. Just get what you find.

At the cooking utensil aisle you will need a flat dish or tray with at least inch high sides. You may need to buy a saucepan AND a metal bowl. No judgements made on the incompleteness of your saucepan cupboard.

Also get baking paper.

In the confectionary aisle, get yourself:
1. Jelly lollies. Snakes, jelly babies, whatever. Buy your favourites.
2. Marshmallows. Again, whatever you like.

Personally I believe in not skimping on quality in my ingredients, especially when in adding extras like Turkish delight for Dear Hubby, or
M&Ms for the kids, or making a wicked dark chocolate version for myself.

Go home, put a pot of water on to boil.
Cover your dish with sides on it with some baking paper.
Whilst the water is heating, chop (or not) your marshmallows in half, and shorten up your snakes.
Put your chocolate in a stainless steel (or glass dish). Put the bowl over the boiling water. Stir, stir, stir.
Stir until melted. No licking the bowl yet.

Take the bowl off the boiling water and then with happy abandon, throw your marshmallows, jelly things and a vague amount of coconut in.
Stir until everything is covered in chocolate.
Pour all of this chocolatey goodness into your baking paper tray/dish.
Spread it out, sprinkle some coconut across the top, and place whole thing in the fridge.

Threaten to break the fingers of anyone who tampers with it whilst it’s setting.

When it’s set, bring out. Peel the baking paper off and cut to size.
If the baking paper sticks hard, reheat with a hair dryer or something until slight melted and peel off.


Preparation time, excluding shopping – 10 minutes.
Cooking time – 5 minutes
Fridge time – as long as your will power lasts.
Serves – 1, or if you are generous, as many pieces as you cut up.