I love Christmas and New Year. It’s a super hectic time of year, and as a nurse, it’s not a guaranteed holiday, often I’m working the days that everyone else has off with their family. This year is no exception, I am working right up to, through and past Christmas with time off afterwards to see the family.

However, at the same time, I love the togetherness, and how easy it is for humans to reach out and connect with each other.

I love the opportunity to reflect, be thankful, to love and be generous. I try to do these things throughout the year, but at year’s end, and years beginning, both which conveniently coincide, it is a great time to take stock.

It has been a hectic year, and not without its challenges, but I am grateful. Grateful for the choices that I could make, grateful for those in my life, and grateful for the opportunities and challenges we have faced and overcome.

As I take stock, I also realise how much I have and I try to give back in meaningful ways, where and when I can.

Some ways to give back are to merely listen to someone, if you have been given the opportunity to, or donate some time, or to be more kind and cheerful to the checkout assistant scanning your groceries. It merely means being able to look beyond yourself, and effect change in the immediate surrounds. Smiling at the passerby, winking at a child, paying it forward in some way.

Instead of resolutions for New Years, I plan on reinforcing my intentions.

Some of them (a lady never reveals all her secrets!) are:

– I intend to do more for my ongoing health.

– I intend on volunteering my time more. I am looking at junior sport as a start.

– I intend on ensuring that every day, my family know how much I love them, and how proud I am of them.

– I intend on being kinder to myself, and removing the default position of doubting myself.

– I intend to write, paint, draw, cook and create more.

Have a great next year, and rejoice that you have completed this year.  Use your innate power to reach out and touch someone, in some way. Otherwise be kind to someone, even if it is yourself!.