So, this time 12 months ago, I packed my two boys into the car, with all the stuff we could not fit in the removal truck + Christmas presents, pillows, a suitcase or two and whatever else we could in every possible space in the car, and left home.

Dear Hubby had left a few days before, with a trailer, a dog, a cockatoo, and stuff, and today it was my turn.

A few short weeks before, our whole life plan was turned on its ear, and we had performed freakish, contortion style manoeuvres to get it back on an even keel, with minimal disturbance to the two young Masters. This involved putting together a game plan in super fast time, and pulling together a whole heap of things, in record time, with Christmas looming, a degree to complete and a multitude of other decisions to make and organise and rearrange and book, and cancel and…….you can read about some of it here:

Since then, 2013 has been hectic. In some ways life became really simple. We had nobody but ourselves to sort out, which was a real blessing. Because that was still a lot of sorting out to do.  Because your life gets stripped bare when you do a move, you start your connections and obligations anew, and it is a chance to change the scenery of your schedule, which has been wonderful and refreshing for us.
With not knowing anyone comes the increased workload of making friends and getting to know, well, everyone.  This is exhausting! But it has been a chance to really think about who I am, what sort of people I want to be around, and taking some real control in that aspect. The down side is that everyone is NEW. It is like dating again, and every time you need to meet someone, it’s a first date.
Some work out, some don’t. And although I am considered an extrovert, I need time between social gatherings to recharge. However, I was determined to make this move work, and to do that, you need friends, social contacts, the start of a network.

So it has been 12 months. Dear Hubby and I have adopted the motto, ” Everyone needs to be somewhere, and we are here.”

It is not to say that we are not happy down here, we are. I think we have settled quite well, and everything is looking good. I think it is more about not trusting it. Not quite feeling like the ground we are standing on is stable enough to put down foundations yet. Maybe that is because we are a rental house, maybe it’s because it is too soon, maybe it is because of the grief we have over working so hard for something and then losing it. Or maybe, it just takes time.

And time is what we have, so time is what we will give.

A new year, the second one in this new place. Many of our first dates will turn into second and third dates. Some actual friendships may blossom. Work will forge in new directions and the two Masters will continue to grow, challenge and delight. I really cannot wait for that.

I have no idea where I will be in another 12 months. In a way, that is great! I mean, we have plans, but they are always talked about with “Never say never, and never say always.” in brackets next to them. And that is perfectly ok with me.