I have a problem.

No don’t stop reading. It’s not like that.

And you, over there, stop sniggering – I know I have lots of problems, but today we are dealing with ONE of them. Only one, because other wise this post becomes too long and no one will want to read it, OK?!

So, I have a problem.

The interweb would define it as a nerdgirl problem, or a booklovers problem. It is definitely a first world problem.

The problem I have is that I have a book hangover.

There is even a meme about it: http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/book-hangover.jpeg”

You see, last year I finished my Masters degree. The idea of reading for fun was taboo for 2 years, and before that I had a new-born, so reading for fun was out as well.

I LOVE reading. I, when not having a baby or doing a Masters, will read at every opportunity. All nighters, waiting rooms, lunch breaks, on the toilet, even in the shower and bath….ooops, I should not have let that slip out. But the best thing about a ‘e reader’ is that they fit inside those bigger snap lock bags, which keeps them water proof and you can read in the shower………Any who…….

Even Dear Hubby will tell you that the books in my 2 ceiling high bookcases are my friends. And I feel guilty about the friends of mine that I keep in boxes because I don’t have room for them to be out in the sunshine since we moved.

So, I was reading a series of 13 books, not knowing that there was 1 not written yet (it has now been written, but I don’t have it yet – I ordered it yesterday). I have read this series before, and I have a rule regarding book series, which is that when I get a new book in the series, I re read the whole lot, so I can follow the plot lines. Especialy if it has been a while since the last reading.

This series was my first dive back into fiction after my Masters and the move. Can I tell you, 12 months on, I still feel like I am naughty and will be yelled at when I open a book that is not a text-book, a journal or a reference book!

I then picked up another series I had read previously, Game of Thrones (GoT). I missed watching GoT on TV, because I was studying, and taking on a TV series at that time was like wanting to take on another husband or serious relationship – I just did not have the time, energy or interest.

So we moved and I got the opportunity to get up to date on the GoT series, having already read the books that have been printed so far (well past the TV plot line, but not far enough along to be near complete.) We watched it, caught up and then I reread the series, because I was on a hangover from the other incomplete series I had finished.

Now I am finished A song of Fire and Ice (the novel series that GoT is based on) that is printed thus far and I feel lost.

I have plenty of books in my bookcases needing my attention. Friends I already know and I miss, friends that I have been given by friends and family as gifts, sure that I will enjoy them. And I am sure that I will. However it is hard to jump from a world of dragons and war and a little magic to another world that is about love, and humans and romance, or something else equally removed.

I am scared of committing, and of being disappointed or being unable to engage properly, thus doing myself and the book a disservice.
It is quite serious!

I know the urge to read will once again overcome me, and I will be far enough removed from my previous world, that I can safely enter another world, in another universe.
But until then, I am lost.