So, after a year of hanging on to my routine with my last nail, 2014 is an open book.
At New Year, a convenient time to analyse the year behind and plan the year ahead, I strengthened my ongoing intentions and reset some new goals.

Some of these intentions were my long-term plans and some were short-term.
One of them was my long-term health, and pain management. So recreating my exercise routine to suit my current needs was a priority. My Ehlars Danlos ( and displaced sacroiliac joints demand that I keep fit.
So, I diddly bopped back to my gym, summoned my courage, and arranged the first of a few personal training sessions. I told the nice lady what I needed mentally and physically from a self-propelled workout, which is: challenge, fun, progression. My current workout was repetitive and lacking in zing. She stepped up and delivered.
Had a crack at the new workouts this last week, and I like it. Once I’m happy with the routines, and have mixed and matched them, I will see her again for tweaking and modification.
That and my normal activities of bike riding, basketball, walking the dog etc, should sort me out.

Then there is the other lifestyle factor that is easy to slip, food choices. I’m not giving up chocolate (but I’ve switched from milk to dark, as I eat less, and dark has some health benefits) and I am not giving up wine, nor am I giving up eating out. When I review food choices I keep it realistic and try to do the best that I can as often as I can, so that when I am looser with my choices, it is an occasion, not a regular event.

The idea of paleo appeals, primarily because it is close to what hubby and I cook and eat anyway. We love our meat and veges. The removal of unnecessary carbs is great. Our food choices are pretty good but we like our simple carbs like pasta, potato, bread.
So, I’m looking for recipes and ideas. They have to be simple and not require the thrice spun milk of a virgin albino goat. Not that I’m averse to goat, I just have a realistic assessment of time and abilities, and likelihood of compliance!
For example, at the moment we are switching out potato and pasta for sweet potato as an option.
I’m not militaristic, but I want some inspiration. Can you lend me some of yours?

Place any ideas you have in the comments below, or email me at