Master 4 was so excited when he came home from Kindy the other day. He ran to my car as I was parking it in the garage and was jumping up and down.

Master 4: “Mummy, look, I went to the library and got 2 books!!!!!”
Me: “That’s great hon, what books did you get?”

I start getting my handbag and getting out of the car…..
Master 4: ” A book with frogs and a book with superman!!!!!!”
Me: ” Awesome sweetie. ”

I start following his speedy, erratic journey up the stairs…..
Master 4: “But I can’t read yet, so I just look at the pictures and turn the page.”
Me: ” That sounds like it is alright?”

I get inside, put my hand bag down and get handed the books in question.
Master 4: “I think you need to ask for your money back…..”
Me: “Why?”

I sit down for a quick cuddle before I get out of what Master 4 calls my “hospital suit.”
Master 4: ” Well, I have been at Kindy lots of days (Actually less than 2 weeks) and I don’t know how to read yet.”
Me: “Oh honey, maybe I can read the books to you at the moment, until you learn?”
Master 4: “Sure mummy, but I want to read them myself so I can get more books. How long will it take for me to learn to read?”

Ummmmmm. Wow.

My boy sure has high expectations.