So, I’ve injured my knee. My right knee.
I’ve hurt it badly enough to engage the use of medical professionals.
Actually seeing a GP and there will be an MRI and talk of surgery. I’m taking pain relief, regularly.
So, I’m being a very good patient, following my own and, indeed, other professionals advice.
I’m resting, I’ve even taken sick leave.
I cannot ice it of course.
I compress it with bandages and I’m elevating it at every opportunity.
I’m taking very regular anti inflammatories.
I’m doing everything that I can because I am scared.
I am scared that this very painful injury, that occurred with very little incident is going to need surgery and MIGHT NOT GET BETTER.
I’m scared of being that woman with the bad knee for the rest if my life. I’m scared of having to give up even more of the activities I enjoy, like walking my dog, riding my bike, playing basketball.
And if it comes to surgery, I’m scared of how my cold allergy and operating rooms with cold IV fluid etc will go.

Funny isn’t it. What scares you and what doesn’t? Even if it is only what scares you for now.