Master 5, in the back seat of the car.
“Today Mummy, the whole school learnt how to talk to God.”

Me: “Did they? How do YOU talk to God?”

Master 5: ” You sit down, close your eyes, bow your head, and talk to God.
Once you have finished talking to God, you open your eyes, raise your arms to the sky and say Arrrrr.”

Master 7 nearly has a brain explosion at Master 5 being OBVIOUSLY wrong and the subsequent need to correct him.
I shut it down faster than a dodgy webpage being opened at work.

Because every day they get a little older. The naiveté slowly wears off them, like a coating being rubbed. Master 7 used to call frogs Gwobbies. And Master 5 used to call helicopters Hollydoctors. I like it when they are wrong, and so damn cute.

So, I reassured Master 7 that I understood what he wanted to say, and I encouraged Master 5 that he was perfectly right in finishing his chat with God with raised arms and ‘ARRRR’. After all, it is God, surely he has a sense of humour, right?