So, I have a busted knee….more on that later.
I also have Cold Urticaria…..go on, google it,
It is a sadly serious allergy and I can have an anaphylactic response to it.
I have posted about it here before (Out in the cold).

I kneed (like my pun?) to do low impact exercise for rehab and swimming would be perfect, right?
Wrong. I can’t immerse.
But in Canberra there plenty of heated pools around, and one heats it’s pool to 33 degrees.
I wan to give it a go. But before I don my swimming cap, and dive in at 0700 in the morning,I thought it might be best to check out whether it will kill me, either whilst I’m in the water or once I get out of it. After all, nothing makes you quite so unpopular as needing a resuscitation on a morning swim……

So, I mustered my courage and rang the pool.
Me: “Pardon me, but do you have time to answer a bizarre question?”

Them: “Yes, I do.”

Me: “Thanks. I have an allergy to cold temperature, especially immersion in water. But I need to swim laps for an injury I have. Can I come and sit on the edge of your pool, for about 10-20 mins, then stand, wet, on the edge of your pool for another 20 mins, to see if I die from an allergy or not?”

Them: “Can you just hold the line?”

Me: “Sure.”

I’m positive the shitty hold music is covering up avid eye rolling, laughter and hilarity at the nut job who is on hold on the line………

Them: ” I think it should be fine, but do we need an ambulance or something?”

Me: ” Not if everything goes well!”
Them: Silence……..

Not everyone gets my humour obviously!

My trial will be after Easter……fingers and epipens crossed!