Master 5 and Master 7 sat with us recently and watched the Avengers movie.
Great fun, comic books come to life. The boys thoroughly enjoyed it in all its gratuitous glory.
Both were enamoured with the heroes but Master 5 was captivated by the big green guy.
He was in love!
A few days later we were in the car (do all the best conversations happen from the back seat?)
Master 5 was telling me all about Honk.
‘Honk is strong, and smashes things, but only when he is angry. He is a good guy, but don’t make him cross.’ this and more was bubbling from the back seat.
Me: “Who is Honk?”
Master 5 – “You know, we watched a movie about him.’
Me: ‘We did?’
Master 5 ” Yup, we did mummy – remember.’
Mummy wracks her brains trying to connect Honk with a movie or show we have watched recently…………………………………….

Me: ‘Oh, of course, Honk! I remember, he smashes things. Of course.”

Master 7 approaches me later: ‘Mummy, who is Honk?’
Me: ‘The Incredible Hulk, honey, Master 5 just mispronounces it.’
Master 7 tries to wink at me, and solemnly blinks instead: ‘ Of course it is. We won’t tell him it is the Hulk, will we?’

Me: “No dear, we won’t – the newest Avenger can be ‘Honk’ until he figures it out.”

The incredible hulk