Like feuding siblings, the Australian voting public sit opposite each other, arms crossed, glaring at each other.
The budget got released recently, and social media has lit up with vitriol, hash tags, broad stroke stereotypical descriptions and finger-pointing….
The common call is for liberal voters to now speak up in defense for an ‘indefensible’ budget….And this call is for all the people who did not vote Liberal in the last election.
I’m not here to really discuss politics per say, but that is because it’s not discussable.
The minute a person leads any conversation or statement with vitriol, from a position of ‘I am right, see, I am right’ then there is no conversation. Statements, decrees, vehement positioning all block access to conversation, and really, that defeats your purpose.
If you want to evangelise, that’s fine, but know that you are shutting down the opportunity for the exchange of ideas. And without the exchange of ideas and exploration of a topic, then you will never sway anyone from their initial stance.

I understand about having strong beliefs, and principles. Trust me I do. But I have also come to realise that other people have just as strong beliefs and principles too. The only way forward is to open up dialogue, communicate and allow yourself to be communicated to.
Let me tell you, the minute someone, even someone I love starts with a blanket statement, I turn off. I am no longer interested in having a debate with them, I merely seek the fastest, least messy way out of the conversation. I use to try other tactics, like arguing all the way through to agreeing, but now I don’t. I just seek out whatever will turn the ‘conversation’ away from that topic, because it is obvious that person does not want to converse, but to loudly and clearly tell anyone who will listen what THEIR beliefs are, and why EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG.
Poo to that, is what I think.

So. Take a step back and prepare to listen if you want a conversation.
Otherwise admit it, all you want to do is lecture. And poo to that too.