Does Facebook or social media make the world a smaller place or bigger?
I dunno.
But I was scrolling through that annoying feed on Facebook the other night, where it suggests ‘people you may know‘, do you know the one?

My first thought whenever I see that feed is: ‘Well, I may know them but I’m not necessarily going to ‘friend’ them.’
My next thought is often: ‘I wonder if the person in looking at gets me in THEIR feed also and thinks the same thing I do…’

But the other night I scrolled through that feed and had a look and something struck me.
There were people who I knew, had many mutual friends with and yet I wouldn’t ‘friend’ them on Facebook.
There were a couple of people who I had more than 60 mutual friends with who cannot stand me, and I feel similarly about them!

But conversely, there are people who I had MANY, like more than 30, mutual friends with and actually had no idea who they were. Some of the mutual friends we shared were quite good mates of mine, but I did not know who this ‘other’ was.
This is even more surprising when I tell you that I came from a small country town, and the rule of 6 degrees of separation is meaningless in a place like that.
It was a strange observation to have late at night and I wonder, just how small the world is.