Oh boy, the fun of waking up to a dog that has been sick everywhere and 3 males in the house who apparently don’t deal with bodily fluids. And a pup, a Princess no less http://wp.me/p3vDcr-2E, who is sick.
X 2 vomits to clean up this morning before dashing off to do the school run and then to work.
Its a freakish 8 degrees in Canberra, with a wind chill of -7 and rain, so the pumpkin has a jumper on and is hopefully curled up somewhere warm whilst we are at work. There may or may not be a vet visit when I get home. Time will tell.
I have 2 gross and grotty boys and a rugged hubby, and I am the one cleaning up dog bodily fluids. I also do the human ones too, as apparently that is in my job description.