Today in Canberra is possibly 8 degrees. 8 freaking degrees.
And guess what! It is raining too.
AND it has a wind, which makes the ACTUAL temperature -7 or something.
As far as I am concerned, once you are at NO DEGREES, it all kinda gets academic.

Today also is my last shift in my current work place:(

We move to 2 new locations in 2 days. The beautiful team of people who were my soft landing-place when we moved here last year are being divided into two groups, and mixed with a herd of new staff, as we try to unite into 2 new groups.

So, today, I am counting down the minutes until the end of my shift, when I can pack my coffee mug and my clear my locker. And walk out of the original building of the most inspiring and pioneering workplace I have EVER had the privilege of being part of. A nurse led clinic, the first and only of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Autonomous nurses, assessing, diagnosing, treating, educating, referring, supporting, reassuring, helping.

7 years ago I nearly walked away from my career. I had been bullied mercilessly, threatened by colleagues even in my home, endangered by those same colleagues and let down by management.
I wanted to walk away from nursing and everything I believed in.
I hung in there, for many reasons, but primarily I was in a small country town and I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to be just now. I had few options, a young family and a husband – so nursing was good enough for now. Slowly the fire started to come back, but I was not sure whether I would hang in there.

Now, I am glad I did.
And on this freezingly miserable day in the Nations Capital, I am carefully putting my coffee cup in my bag, with my pens and my stickerbooks.
I am walking around and touching the familiar things and thinking of how, when life shook us loose and we found ourselves down here, it was this team of people, this workplace that gave me a touchstone, and solace. They laughed at my foibles, supported my learning, asked me how my kids were.

This is not just goodbye, for we did such a good job at the first ever nurse led clinic that there are now 2 of them! But it is a moment of mourning, before the celebration of the new.