So Master 5 appears to be channelling his inner stripper and has done since birth.
He hated being wrapped as a baby, and has always been comfortable in his own skin. Mostly only in his skin! He will often run around bare cheeked and wiggling his bottom like he has a tail.
He prefers to go ‘commando’ unless parented into putting his undies on.
This isn’t a problem until it IS a problem. And problems are unforeseen, like a fart that has a follow through, a tear in his pants seat, needing to change his pants in a public place.

So, in the effort of parenting wins, picking battles that matter, and raising a well rounded adult, we have decided that undies must be worn to school, but are not enforced at any other time…..
Don’t ask me to explain the logic of it, just trust me that it works….for us.