Warning, this post deals with first world problems, in a satirical fashion. Some readers may be offended.

I have a ginormous problem.
It’s distracting me from getting on with the more important things like; whether to buy more of that wine I like, whether I really like my new hairstyle or not, how best to program my sat nav so I get lost less often.

I have not got a handbag that suits my needs. I haven’t had a good one for a while now.
I have handbags that are too big, too small, or not a good shoulder bag.
I want one that I can use every day but nice enough looking to take places. I want to have a nice shoulder bag, that is big enough to hold all my stuff but not that big that it feels like a Mary Poppins bag.
I’ve just decanted my unsuitable big bag into this one below, and as you can see it is too small….like Goldilocks, I’m looking for one that isn’t too big, or too small, but one that is just right!


Argh! and Gosh darn it! and Can somebody help me!