Who couldn't love this face?
Who couldn’t love this face?

So Princess Gidget (our 2 yr old Aussie Bulldog) gave us all a scare last week. The last couple of weeks saw her slowly decrease in personality and become lethargic.
She was still eating and drinking and farting, so we weren’t too concerned but it was very cold, so we were warming her food, and letting her sleep inside. We made a vet appt for the end of the week and watched her.

Come last Thursday, and I have knocked off work, and was getting changed to go pick the boys up, when I checked Gidget again. She was worse,and showing signs of breathing pattern changes and now showing signs of pain.
We went over her and found a hot hard mass at the base of her ribs and something sharp in her fur – a thorn maybe?
So we got her on the table and gave thorn a yank. Except, it didn’t come out and it felt like it was attached.
And then we looked at it and it looked like a chicken skewer.

An hour later we were at the after hours emergency vet, who said that they would need to go in and take the skewer out and that there was 50/50 chance, maybe worse, of her surviving, and it would cost about $5000 and we needed to pay the fee up front and in full.

Of course !

It was a long evening, but Gidget came out of surgery at 1130 that night, but may need 2-3 days of intensive care, at the vets, can you come back at 7 in the morning to transfer her from the emergency vet to the day vet and then if needed, transfer her back via private car or pet ambulance to the emergency care place for overnight monitoring.

Of course!

So a sleepless night was had, and in the morning, I was at the vet, at 7am sharp, ready to do whatever was necessary for Gidget.
Miss Gidget walked out, like she walked in, albeit this time, a little battered.
The good news, it cost less than we were quoted – only $3800 😉
Also, she had done so well, that I got to take her home and nurse her, which we have been doing for the last 5 days.
Today, she had her drains removed, and is allowed supervised bucket free time.
Bless her, but she is worth every cent.
She also now has health insurance through our health insurance provider 🙂 At the price of 2 coffees per fortnight, it seemed silly to not do it, after that little escapade! And although we, as practical pet owners have a line drawn in the sand regarding our pets health, obviously this didn’t quite reach it, or maybe we moved the line. All I know is it was the right decision at the time.