Master 8 is learning to read, he can read but he struggles with confidence and he really needs lots of practice. Lots and lots of practice.
Especially at the end of the day, when he is tired, I am tired, Master 5 is tired, the Bulldog Princess is tired, and dinner needs to be made NOW, and can you clean the dog poo up, and I spilt my Lego and I am hungry!
So, I get him to read to me whilst I am doing all these things or I get him to read to Master 5 and/or Princess Gidget. Both are an appreciative audience. Both are supportive to his needs.
I have been known to get him to read to me, Master 5 and Gidget, whilst I am in the shower, or wiping the benches or whilst I am sweeping the floor.
I figure I get extra points for the complexity of the multi tasking then, for an increased difficulty rating!

Of course, at times, I fulfill perfection and get to sit down, with undivided attention, and have him read to me, but really, where is the skill in that??