So after 5 months of enforced painful inactivity, I’m allowed back at the gym doing suitable exercises to get my knee better.
The problem I have with gym stuff is the battle between me and my mind.
I empty my mind to concentrate on the task at hand and I suddenly remember I haven’t fed the fish or ring the accountant or had a Pap smear. My mind sabotages me, making it hard to churn out 40 minutes on a machine.
But now all I am allowed to do is time on a cycle machine. It’s too cold to ride outside most of the time, so I’m on a bike at the gym.
That leaves my hands free so I can email teachers, answer yexts, pay bills, hell, I’m even blogging right now at the gym.
I’m churning out my time and resistance levels on the bike, and my mind is kept busy so I can actually keep the intensity up. The time flies, and I’m not feeling bad about all the stuff I COULD be doing.
After all, what’s more efficient than emailing my boss whilst I’m at the gym doing my physio?!