I am away, on a family holiday – after suffering some terrible holidayitis.
Holidayitis is the prelude to annual leave, when you are still at work, but your stamina is waning, you are struggling to stay engaged – your heart just isn’t in it.
This holiday is a snow holiday, tacked on teh end of 2 days in the Snowy Mountains where the little Masters will compete in the ACT/Southern NSW Interschools Snowsports.
We will unplug, have fun, fall into bed exhausted at the end of each day, but it is totally relaxing, despite how exhausting it can be skiing all day.
This is when we reinforce the bonds that tie us together, and we create some memories.
Before we moved south, we would save a little each week to make the journey down here once a year.
Now it is a little more accessible, but just as important.

So I will see you, dear Reader, at the other end of my week in the snow!