Book week – it is that time of year again. I have a kid in Year 2 and a kid in Kindy and I already hate Book Week.

Book Week when I grew up was about, well, books.
We had read-a-thons, book illustrating and colouring in, plays based on our favourite scenes, readings, library theme days, class involved poster making etc.

All student led, class involved stuff that maybe a parent had to drop in some boxes for or a parent helper would help the class with.

But now!
Book Week is parades, rivalling the myth and legend of Easter Hat Parades, which I have not experienced, but I have read with horror about on the interwebs. It is fully involving parents and resources, with kids actually looking like characters out of the book, with costume design rivalling that of a Disney movie. Parents pour weeks and dollars into hair colours, dress up clothes, props, and make up.

OH MY GOD – Make it stop!

Master 8 just quit last week.
He brought home his Book Week Note, all about the Book Week Bag that need to be decorated and filled with items about the book that you have read, and CHOSEN.
I was chatting with him about it and that there is a parade also and he worked up to a point where he spun off into out of space, after spontaneously combusting into a pile of ashes.

Yes, he was that dramatic.

It is catastrophic and oscar winning.
And very real.

Peace talks were put in place and we agreed that as tragic and terrifying as the reality of Book Week was, that it would likely not end in blood shed.

His problems?
I will list them for you, in no particular order;
– What book to choose?
– What if it is the wrong book?
– What if it is too hard?
– What if no one else dresses up?
– What if I haven’t read the book?
– Of course it can be the wrong book, Mum, everything has a right and wrong to it.
– We don’t have time.
– You HAVE to help, and you are working mum, so you CAN’T help.
– What if another kid picks the same book?
– What if I am th only one who picks that book?
– I can’t read ( a slight overstatement, but I know where he is coming from.)
– What if the bag/ book/ costume is not good enough?

All this with one shoe on, a missing sock and the clock ticking on getting him and his brother to school.
Subsequent emails to his teacher have calmed the storm, and now…..
After working 8 days straight, having a house full of guests and a sick husband, a cat that has turned up after 3 years missing presumed dead and life in general, I have 2 days off. And now I have a costume to make.

My Facebook feed is full of casting call dressed children heading off to their parade and prizes being won for the best costume – OH MY GOD – make it stop.

Anyway, I may quit too yet, I am not sure.

Can’t we just read a book?