Jake the cat has returned to us after 3 years.
Jake is a purebred Siamese cat, whom we rescued from the RSPCA when he was a kitten many years ago.
He lived with us and our other cat Molly for many years. He survived being ‘fetched’ by Mojo, our German Shepherd one Christmas Eve evening, and was part of our family.
Molly re homed herself, finding a lovely, lonely old man who was our neighbour and moving in with him.
The fact he was feeding her fish and home cooked meals, had bought her a chair to sleep on and did not have small kids or dogs may or may not have had anything to do with it.
When Jake stopped coming home, we assumed that he had died or re homed himself too.
After all, he’s a purebred.
Apparently, he was living in a lady’s backyard, and being fed by her and another.
That lady, let’s call her Karen, ran into my mum and asked if I still wanted my cat that had been hanging around for 3 years.
Mum said that I had moved away nearly 2 years ago, but she would sort him out. She walked into the yard, called ‘Jake’ and he came.
Long story short, he’s home!
And Gidget has never met him, nor any cat, possibly……

This could get interesting!