My dear Friend,
I have been wanting to write a blog post just for you for some time.
I know you read my blog occasionally, which thrills me that someone, anyone, but especially someone who likes me would read my posts and think they are worth of their time.
I have wanted to write for you, to you or about you for some time, but could not quite get it right in my head.

My dear friend, I want to point out how wonderful and awe-inspiring you are, and how your light shines on the people around you.
I want you to feel like you can come sit by me, and tell me that “I am done, I quit” as you draw breath between one battle and the next, only to draw your sword and heft your shield and go back into the battle that I have termed the Parenting Marathon. And that I will cheer from the sidelines, or wade into battle with you, whatever you need.
I want you know that I will show up, turn up, bring flowers, wine, a hug, or a solution when you need it – but sometimes you have to ask. Not because of any other reason than I might miss your flag of need waving quietly in the noise of my own battles. Be that as it may, I desperately want and need to be able to be there for you when you need.

Dear friend, I want you to know that when you are wondering where the next drama in your life will come from, and whether you have the strength, compassion or endurance to square up again, that others are inspired by your grace, humour, strength and resourcefulness.

But most of all dear friend, I want you know to know that you are doing a brilliant job. You are rocking being a mum, and working, and a housewife, and a wife and a friend and a good person and you are just smashing it, my friend.
Especially when you think that you aren’t. No matter how loud your doubt is, no matter that you fell, the fact that you get back up is what makes you brilliant.

Just keep being you, and remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint.