” Hi Mum. We got some yellow flowers for you from the neighbor’s yard, and we found a bullet!”

I had answered a phone call from Master 5 whilst I was at work. He just wanted to catch up.
By the end of that sentence, I had chest pain.
Flowers? I was thinking of the immaculate garden that my neighbour had recently mulched and was painstakingly maintaining – it doesn’t rain much in Canberra, so his lush garden is a luxury. I recalled that I had been admiring his daffodils which were flowering brilliantly, and how I had repeatedly exclaimed about them and how they were one of my favourite flowers. In the ear shot of my doting sons.

Bullet? What were my kids doing picking up things that look like bullets.
Oh dear!

Turns out they had picked some yellow lawn daisies (weeds) and the ‘bullet’ was some random piece of shiny cylindrical metal – like an end of a shoelace or some such thing.
Bless them, but this is why you should never take kids at their word!