So, the good news is that my physio says I will run again.
But I’m not allowed to run on grass – too uneven.
Not allowed to run on the road – too hard.
I’m meant to run on a treadmill.

If I want to run, play basketball and do it any time soon, I have to run on a treadmill.

Are you for real?

I’m scared of most gym equipment, but I’m terrified of treadmills.
I’m scared of gyms in general, and I’ve tried many. The female only ones, the personal trainer ones. I have had a crack at many different types over the years, and the one consistent factor in all of them is they have treadmills.
They have weights, and scary looking machines with cables on them, stationary bikes and some version of an elliptical trainer, and maybe a couple of rowing machines. And sweaty people, and unmotivating music playing. All very intimidating.
Mostly though, I can go in them and once there I can work out. But treadmills, other than walking on them, are a no go zone. They are studiously ignored by me when I enter a gym, and I have no interest in anything to do with them whatsoever.
For a biomechanically challenged person like myself who can fall over standing still on flat ground, a moving platform is a nightmare from hell.

That was 5 weeks ago. It’s taken me 5 weeks to suck up my courage, research on the internet HOW to run on them, avoiding the you tube videos of the fails and deaths attributed to tread mills, and pick a time at the gym when the perfect people without a healthy fear of moving platforms are not crowding the place up (I hate witnesses).

I have had a go, and you should see me.
Not only do I get red faced, sweaty and huffy puffy, I have the focus and concentration of a someone trying to exert mind control over an inanimate object. For in fact, I am – if I let my focus slip for even one second I will resemble the people in the first clip, not the people in the second!

I am dreading having to explain how I got injured, and avoiding being laughed at as I tell how I fell off a treadmill, in the middle of a gym. I think I’ll have to make something up!