The other day I admitted in a public forum with acquaintances, colleagues and strangers that I Blog.

Oh. My. God.
Talk about stress inducing!
I was offering my services to help write a newsletter and perhaps a blog and I just blurted out that I Blog and I would like to help. Then I had to provide a link to my blog.
I chickened out and sent it to the boss in a private message, instead of putting it for public scrutiny. Now I don’t know whether that was smart or dumb.
I mean, I am still amazed that people like my writing. And I get bummed when not many people read a blog post that I sweated over.
So I SHOULD have advertised my blog.
But what if people hated it?!

A few days after it I now wish I had put it out there.
After all, what’s the worst that could happen?
I wouldn’t lose a birthday or even my job.
My writing is essentially already out there.
What’s the harm?

Well, I haven’t heard if they want me and my writing for their purpose and that is stressful, but really, no harm at all.