So, DH and I bought a house today.
Well actually, that is both entirely accurate and also not accurate at all.
Anyone who has bought a house knows that there are many steps along the road of purchasing a house.
There is finding a house you like, inspecting it.
Getting a loan approved from the bank, finding the money for a deposit.
Putting an offer in, and having that offer accepted after back and forwards negotiating.

There is having the pre inspections done; pest, building, finance evaluation, survey of the land.
Then signing of the contract, drawing a bank cheque for the deposit.
Then there is a strangely formal process of exchanging contracts.
Then, at some predetermined time, there is the financial/ legal procedure called ‘settlement’ and then the house is yours.

So, yesterday we dropped off a bank cheque with our deposit. And signed where the nice lady told us to.
Today our contracts exchanged. So technically we bought a house today.

It’s not the first home we’ve bought, and it likely won’t be our last.
It’s not the home that I thought we’d raise the boys in, but it may be the one that we do raise them in.

It’s the final piece of a move that occurred after life shrooms us loose, and almost as bitter sweet as selling the Grafton home was.
Exciting and wonderful, but tinged with sadness as it signifies us putting roots down in different soil than we thought.

It will come with problems and perils. And happy times, as we have a yard, and enough bedrooms for all of us and guests.

I’m hoping it’s everything a home should be. And we will be in it until………

Until whatever happens that needs to happen.
For me, home has always been where my heart is, and my heart is wrapped up in 2 little boys and 1 man, so that is where my home is. The new house will be a nice place to keep them safe.