So I recently posted about my morbid dread of treadmills. Since then I had been successfully running on them at the gym, without spontaneously combusting or falling of them or whatever.
I still use the safety cord (apparently that is hilarious, I think I am THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who uses it.).
However, I have survived.

Then I re-injured my bloody knee!

So, it has given me time to notice another bloody thing I hate hoping onto and that is escalators.
I am fine once I am on them, and I can normally get off OK. Getting on the blasted things just takes my breath away for a second or two.
It is the vertigo of getting onto the moving platform that then looks like it plummets to the ground. There is one on my way to and from work that is quite steep and descends to a big, open space in the middle of a shopping centre. I have pictures in my head of me tumbling A over T down them to a crumpled mess at the bottom.
I always makes sure I have one hand free to hold onto the guard rail. I always watch where I am putting my feet and where the steps are until I am on my way down.

Seriously, has anyone ever fallen off an escalator?