10 years ago, living in Brisbane, we went to the RSPCA one weekend, and, setting a pattern we follow routinely, we came home with a kitten.
A beautiful, stray, seal point Siamese male.
Who we ceremoniously named Jake.

Jake has led a loved and exciting life with us, as a companion to the indomitable Molly, who since re-homed herself.
When Master 8 arrived, Jake fell in love, deciding that THIS small human was the only thing in his world, other than food.
We remember constantly finding Jake on or next to Master 8 as a baby, and needing to close the door to Master 8’s bedroom at night.
The only thing that Jake loved as much as Master 8 and food, was the new baby, Master 5.

Jake had an eventful Xmas about 4 years ago, when DH was putting him out for the night, which was the usual routine by then – Jake would go out, toilet and sleep in the garage roof (where we had put a bed for him).
This night, as DH exited puss out the front door, he saw 2 pairs of eyes lock on, and chase puss across the front yard.
It was our beautiful pair of German Shepherds, who had gotten out of the back yard, and were waiting at the front door for a human to let them back in.
They fetched Jake, and returned him to us, depositing him on the front stoop.
That was an after hours vet call out on the night before Xmas eve, for Jake had fractured ribs, surgical emphysema and a collapsed lung. He recovered with some anti inflammatories and TLC.

As the vet said – if the dogs intended to kill Jake, they would have, but being big dogs, even ‘fetching’ was going to do damage.

Jake pulled through, but became increasingly absent from home afterwards.

Eventually, he went missing, and this was after Molly had found a lovely older gent who fed her raw fish and bacon and bought her a lounge chair to sleep on when she ‘visited’.

We letter box dropped, hoping someone had seen him or would let us know if he was alive or dead.
As, time passed, we assumed the worst, and had a memorial for Jake in the back yard, with both boys in attendance. That was 3 years ago.

2 years ago, we moved – 1000 kilometers away.
And we continued on in our cat deficient lives.
We had lost our two German Shepherds, and the effervescent Gidget had moved in, but we had moved and moved on from our cats.

About 4 months ago, my mum, back home, rang and said that Jake had reappeared.
An old neighbour of ours had run into mum and asked her when her daughter was going to ‘do something about her cat.’
Mum was puzzled about what cat this lady was referring to – A Siamese cat had been handing around, living the stray life for a while, but the neighbour thought it was high time that I did something about this cat now.

Mum informed her that we had moved over 18months ago – to another state!

Long story short, Jake is back with us. And he has settled right in, with no problems. He is pleased about the absence of Mojo and Kahle, pleased that he is allowed to sleep with the boys now, and is teaching Gidget some respect.
Welcome back Jake, we’ve missed you.
(Previously mentioned in “3 years missing, presumed dead” http://wp.me/p3vDcr-gB)