I love the Christmas season.
It is a time that I feel the most hope for the human race and I get a real buzz out of giving to the people I love and making sure all of my favourite charities get something extra from me.
It is the time of the year that tends to bring out the best in people.

It can be a hard time of year and I think that is why people are often kinder at this time of year.
I love the magic of Christmas and I how families try to get together and be nice and swallow all of the bullshit feuds and upsets that plagued them through the year.
I love selecting gifts for people and trying really hard to get it right – get them something they will love, or cherish or need.
I love how the season highlights the importance of the human bond and puts everything into perspective.

I even enjoy working sometimes, because the skeleton crew on in an emergency department get to look after the truly sick and lonely, and do it in a sincerely generous spirit. Anyone who has worked a holiday will tell you that it is a special shift, with happiness and tragedy underscored like no other day.

Most of all, I think if ever a miracle will occur, it will occur around Christmas.
And whilst I promise myself one day I will take the family to enjoy a white Christmas, I cannot imagine it will feel real unless it is a 40 degree day, with maybe a thunderstorm and lots of leftovers. And cricket on the telly.

What ever you are doing, who ever you are dong it with, be safe and kind this season, and if you can, be generous to those around you as well.
After all, a trivial part of your day can make a huge difference to someone elses.

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader.