They say that if you lose a sense the others senses become stronger and better.
I think that you just start paying more attention to what you have left.

I’m on holiday in the worlds largest sand island. There’s freshwater water lakes and creeks, miles and miles of sandy beach, surf and creeks.
It’s paradise. And I cannot go in any of it.
My boys can and they revel in the water and the barefooted freedom that camping and beach living gives them. That’s why we do it.

But mostly I get to just watch now.
The irony is that I’m an excellent swimmer and it is one of the only athletic endeavors that I’m a natural at. Funny, cos I may never swim or immerse myself in water again because of my allergy.

But although I’d love to be bitter, and it’s easy to be bitter I would rather try and enjoy what I have left.

I get to lay on the beach and watch, clap, cheer my boys on.
It means a lot falls on my DH, who already does heaps, but we love being outdoors and I’ve never seen my DH put himself in front of the boys.

And my boys are generous in including me in their adventures.