Ask anyone who knows me well enough to know my last name, and they will tell you  that one of the things that they KNOW about me is my affair with coffee.

Even my sons will tell you that I ‘start better’ in the mornings after a coffee. Bosses have been known to make ME a coffee, place it on my desk and smile and walk away.

Other than a small hiatus for a couple of years when the coffee and the meds didn’t seem to mix so well, I have subsisted on coffee to fulfill all the needs in my life that water, licorice and chocolate don’t. Even then I would still have coffee, but my main hot beverage was tea, and the coffee was a real treat I would save for special occasions.

I enjoy all forms of coffee, from barista made creations, through to pod coffee, down to ‘dirty instant’. I think that they are all different sorts of beverages and all have different qualities and strengths and weakness. In real life, I do not judge my coffee, nor my friends, I just appreciate them for what qualities they bring.

I am here to announce though that I am cutting back. On coffee, not my friends.

I am making a conscious effort to decrease the amount of coffee I have in a day as a routine. The habit is what I am trying to kick, because I think i was using coffee for all the wrong things. And I notice that when I am on holidays or days off I do not drink nearly as much.

So consider this a warning.

I am only having 4 coffees a day (trust me that is a significant cut back on a work day) and none after 5 pm.

I hope to savour the coffees I do have and get my body used to doing its own work and not outsourcing it to coffee.