I went to a funeral just before Christmas 2014 for my Dear Hubbys maternal grandfather. Jim was well into his 80’s when he went, and he was at home, living independently till almost the end, living until well into his 80s when he died.
I’ve been part of the family now for 17+ years, but I didn’t know him well.
His eulogy and the speeches of reflection by his daughters and family proved that.

The speeches, remembrance and after ceremony chats were heartfelt, simple and fleshed out the story of this man, who had seen the world change in ways that I cannot imagine.

And it got me thinking.
How will I be remembered?
And more importantly, how do I want to BE.
How do I want to live each day?

For instance, not one person talked about the mans appearance or looks. No one mentioned whether he was a brilliant housekeeper or any of the other trivial details that we get ourselves concerned about in our own lives.
What was remembered was his fierce love and loyalty to family and his love of nature and Australia and poetry. In the story of his life, his love of his family and his carriage through the ups and downs of life was what was discussed.
I found it wonderful to hear about him, through the eyes of those who loved him best.
It makes me wonder though, how well have I lived and loved?
And it made me realise just how bloody unimportant appearances are, in the scheme of things.
In fact, most of what we worry about is pretty bloody trivial, isn’t it?

I reinforced a promise I had previously made to myself that day.
I promise to try to live true to me. To try harder to be kind, to try harder still to love fully and generously.
and to remember that the most important parts of me are who I am and how I live, not how I look.
Now, there is a good New Years resolution.